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The Bio-Synthesis light activated rejuvenation device is an industry leading non invasive aesthetic LED machine developed by Bio-Theraputic. This ultra advanced LED system utilises nearly 3000 high intensity Red, Yellow, Green and Blue LED lights (470nm-640nm) to target and treat specific skin conditions.


Treatment Benefits


Stimulates collagen for smoother skin.

Improves tone and texture and revitalises dull complexions.

Encourages a more youthful appearance with renewed clarity.

Stimulates damaged cell replacement.

Cleans and tightens coarse pores and loose skin.

Reduces wrinkles and brightens ageing complexions.

Targets flecks, sunburn and ageing pigmentation.

Targets Acne Vulgaris, Sebaceous Gland Hyperplasia and Rosacea.


Age Defying Chromatic Facial

LED will help ease the signs of aging in a gentle and effective way. Red LED combines with soothing Yellow LED to leave your skin refreshed, luminous, and firm.

Single service: £65    


Hydrating Chromatic Facial

Dry, reactive skin is a thing of the past! Red and Yellow LED combine in this moisturizing facial to leave skin supple, hydrated, and glowing.

Single service: £65



Brightening Chromatic Facial

Green and Yellow LED will help ease the appearance of dark spots in a gentle and effective way. LED combined with cutting edge ingredients to leave your skin bright and spot free.

Single service: £65


Blemish Control Chromatic Facial

Banish blemishes with this powerful facial. Reveal clear, lustrous skin as blue LED targets blemishes while red LED helps restore.

Single service: £65


Soothing Chromatic Facial

Soothe stressed skin with this skin relaxing facial. Soothing Yellow LED combines with Green LED to ease inflamed, stressed, or reactive skin.

Single service: £65


Sun Damaged Chromatic Facial

Sun worshippers take heed! Powerful Green LED combines with soothing Yellow LED to help fight sun stressed and spotted skin.

Single service: £65


Course of 3 £175


Add on after a peel, microdermabrasion, or   Dermalogica Skin Treatment for £25.









Bio-Synthesis Rejuvenation